Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

By Doloris

41 thoughts on “Who Should Be the Biggest Member of Each Team? – Team Building Guide – Marvel Strike Force – MSF”
  1. Since he forgot to talk about them, remember you want at least a gear 14 ravager boomer for your ravagers

    1. @Zakjakdagamer it’d be harder to name a mode where they aren’t the best to use

  2. aww, clickbaity picture. 🙁 Thought this was going to literally be about character size since it showed hulk (who has been a controversy for ages because ‘why the hell is hulk-the monster of the team-so flippin small in game). Was hoping to see a critique of their design team’s choices on why they make some huge characters small, and some characters who are normally short too tall compared to teammates

    1. Micheal

      I agree with you that the Incredible Hulk should be way bigger in size wise in this game,

      And he should have his signature move the thunder clap 👏 instead of his current “Leap ability”,

      And the Incredible Hulk should be strong too when it come to his stats especially his damage stat.

  3. I love how his low power crap characters have the same power as most of my best toons.

  4. I’m trying to be as efficient with my roster possible. Who are the best characters to bring up for the late game campaigns?

    1. For Doom War, it’s a different group every 3 levels or so. IW, Thor, and shield probably have the most overlap for requirements including Heroes 7 campaign.

  5. if youve got a daredevil of any size on your X-force youve got a different problem than team power haha

    *Edit* very helpful vid though 🙂

    1. Thank i knew i couldn’t be the only one that heard him say that. I mean i know im a stoner but my ears work

  6. Would you recommend then BH 2.0 for the third middle lane in gamma rather than shield ? Just wondering how much investment is needed

    1. If you are at low difficulty on Gamma 4, than BH 2.0 is great for Gamma middle lanes. However, you might need to throw in some healer iso-8 to keep them going. They don’t have sustain on their own.

    2. @Kevin Barnard 4.2 which was why I was gonna run shield for sustain as bh2.0 are weak

  7. I really dont like his Voice
    Whale harder dude

  8. What would also be a great addition to this video is ranking the teams in order of priority as well!

    1. I think that depends on where you’re at in the game, your resources, your playstyle, etc.

  9. Bro I swear you are like a lighthouse guiding us to shore lol. I’ve been wondering this for my teams because I can’t spend without a plan and this is tremendously helpful!! I know where to go if I need something explained properly! Many thanks!

    1. It honestly changes every day. This is all speculation. Example being gamora and nebula.

  10. Awsm video, I’ve been looking for something like it to manage mt roster in the best way, awsm content, keep up!!

  11. Hey guys! Philoshopher here! Trying to make you think this game is all about strategies and tips to compete when it’s purely a pay2win game.

  12. Not spending any money its going to take me like 6 years to reach these levels lol good vid tho

  13. I looked at the comments for all the jokes about big members, and I was very disappointed.

  14. It would be great to have some kind of infographic available to reference for this info!

  15. Got my first 7 red in negasonic. I was a little sad that she’s the highest damage now. This makes me feel better

    1. NegaSonic Is just so good tho. Her AoE atk is great. Not my favorite toon but she def does her job on this team.

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