Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

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The Infinite Loop game is a distinctive creative game that encourages creative thinking and enhances the teamwork skills, communication skills and problem-solving abilities of the participants, The Infinite Loop game is suitable for various ages and group numbers. In The Infinite Loop, game participants work together to solve the mystery of the ropes and disengage from each other.


• Enhance team communication skills.

• Develop creative thinking skills.

• Consolidate the principle of collective action.

• Strengthen problem-solving abilities.


Each team member must free themselves from their partner.

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By Dannie

14 thoughts on “The Infinite Loop | One Of The Best Team Building Activities For Large Group”
  1. This is something new to us.
    It looks like people are having fun and great with crossing and making the mission clear to separate the stacking together ropes..
    They are doing is to release the loop out and become separate.

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