Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

The most interesting thing to me, is the fact that my barracks is large enough to afford me the ability to fodder 5* units or consider some units useful or not, being a f2p player. This revelation was the driving force behind the video and one more way in squeezing extra enjoyment out of Feh by making interesting builds and teams

I was using DU Recorder to record footage and commentary because it had the least ambient background noise and also didn’t magically make me sound like a robot talking through a soda can.

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By Jasmin

44 thoughts on “Team Building Guide: Strengthen Your Strengths! – Fire Emblem: Heroes”
  1. Strat, I have V.Ike -HP +SPD. Should I choose the free V.Ike(which I believe is neutral?) instead?

  2. I use Alm (mixed phase) Nephenee (kinda mixed phase) Azura (support) and Takumi or Bride Cordelia (Player Phase) is that good? I’ll sometimes use an armor for Enemy Phase.

  3. I use dragon emblem. On my team, I have Nowi, Ninian, Adult Tiki, and Myrhh. They destroy everything in arena.

  4. Grima is love, Grima is life.(My Lucina lost her life to him) With +atk and -speed he can bait almost every green and blue unit and devoure them. And using Arvis is so satisfiyng for me. He heals, debuffs, and can do finishing blows. I only have Olivia as a dancer… but she is better then no dancer (also giving me the opportunity to heal 20 health with Arvis, if needed).
    And then…. Fjorm. She ist good, but I don’t like her that much. At the moment she is the bonus Unit in my team. (I’d rather like to use Hardin for more Bst.)
    My English is very bad, so please correct me, if I made some mistakes.

  5. awesome vid, made me sub. fantastic tips! Getting rid of bench-warmers especially (with thought of course) was a huge help and really helped me refine a lot of the units I do use

  6. Oh, I have Brave Lucina and Fjorm support ranked S on the same team. I also have Fallen Celica and wed Lyn on the team. I have no green unit. Is that really bad?

    1. Literally? Crystals. Youd be surprised how much you can build up.

      Practically? The special training maps in the special maps section. A lot of enemies with low stats.

  7. I’ve been working on this team since the first summer banner. All five stars, + 10:

    Eirika (+atk -hp): Sieglinde (eff) + swap + Aether + DC + Chill Res + Fortify Res + Fortify Def

    Robin (+spd -hp): Blarowl (Res) + Reposition + Blue Flame + Atk/Spd Bond + Chill Spd + Infantry Flash + Atk/Spd Bond

    Catria (+Res -Hp): Whitewing Lance (Def) + Reposition + Bonfire + Fury + Mystic Boost + Joint Hone speed + Close Defense

    Nino (+Spd -Def): Gronnblade + draw back + Draconic Aura + Brazen Atk/Spd + Desperation + Drive Spd + Brazen Atk Res

    1. If you equipped Robin’s new tome.and swapped one of the units, you could have eirika be really powerful and open up every one’s c skills and sacred seal slots

    1. If it’s a very high quality healer like Loki or brave veronica, then they can easily find a spot on a team

    2. I have been having trouble defeating book three on lunatic and I dont know how to set up a team and I have looked at ur video on how to make a team and I still have no idea how to make a good team with the units I have.

  8. One of my most used team:
    Tanky (shielded bow) Summer Tiki with vantage bonfire combo w/ weapon , Distant Counter Camilla with weapon refine buff qr3 for mages , ny azura buff dancer , and spring kagero sweeper . debuffer with boost from camilla and flier formation

  9. U took 10 min to say 1 min worth of info. Synergize ur units. Thanks 4 nothing ur units suck and y don’t seem 2 know anything at all about the game horrible video

  10. came here for a tutorial. not for a guy whos clearly a whale blab on about how anything but his money has made him good

  11. This is bs. Obviously the best way to build a team is in choosing the characters with the biggest tits.

  12. As a farily new player I found this extremely helpful especially when you explained some lingo that I didn’t know.

    1. @Strategistmaster ya I love the series I played FEH when it came out but I didn’t understand the depth of it. I wanted to give it another shot and now that I’m starting to learn more about the strategies it makes me want to keep playing. Do you think FEH’s lifetime is coming to an end?

  13. Sorry i know this is an old vid but should you constantly use the same team or work on leveling up as many characters or teams as possible

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