Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

This is the team building 101 for all beginners to the game!
#RevivedWitch #Teambuilding

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34 thoughts on “Revived Witch Global | Team Building Basics | Beginners Guide 101”
    1. Any video about this game will be great and its pleasure to watch

  1. Yo zeebo were running same element team xD I’m using mercury team aswell I started with Afallen as my first UR aswell then I got Usphia and La crima.

  2. Kinda interested to play this game after watch the advertisement but.. what is that at 6:30!
    there is now way i let other living human being watch me play with that character too lewd for child appearance lmao

  3. Reminder that one elemental comps is not necessary which makes tounel really good cus she works with pretty much anyone

  4. I think you can’t get Tuonel+Yui. They don’t gv that options.

    And now I’m on my 401 pull with no Afallen+1ssr mage.

  5. afallen, tuonel & ushpia makes this game auto clear easy mode. ushpia should honestly be ur her poison is fucking broken.

  6. was able to get Akasha on the reroll and Caledonia on a random single pull. So im just rolling over content with a full Brimstone team Norn/Akasha/Caledonia with throw away brimstone units for team buff

  7. Found you through @F2PBTW and his World Flipper videos!!!! I landed Afallen, Tuonel and Mayahuel!!!! Seems to be good so far!!

  8. so, one question. afallen, amanami, ushpia or tuolen, ella, yui/cynetia?

    1. I was using Afallen – Ushpia then the free controller on day 3. Then got Amaname just now and replaced the free unit. Hehe.

  9. If your deployed team is mono element but backups are different color does the 10% buff go away when a backup swaps in?

  10. I was just taking a quick look at my charactersโ€™ stats
    Almost all my characters had around 3k to 4K hp
    Afallen: hi, I got 14k. Put me up front please thank you very much

  11. This is a very good info, I have played 3 days and some spending, now just realized this element affect formation so much. Thx bro

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