Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Looking for the best physical team, then this video will help!
This is such an op team. PVP will become super easy!
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By Lilliam

44 thoughts on “Revived Witch – Best Physical Team [Build This Team!]”
  1. Ella is way too op but pakane counters here beautiful so she isn’t such a destructive doll.

    1. Afallen can counter cuz of her immunity that u can time to Ella’s 1st skill every time

  2. I’ve been preferring Tuonel B, Akasha M, and Ella T. I’m more often than not finding that I’m taking down opposing Ella teams before their Ella can even transform. Akasha was ranked pretty low on tier list and Celanya was said to be better so I was sleeping on Akasha for the longest time and finally decided to level her. Honestly no cap single target is Meta in pvp

    1. @Eros Z yeah same im more interested with memphis team comp but i still dont have ella so,,, ;-;

    2. @Jason Huynh that’s what I’m hearing, people from CN others covering future content but no one has the weapon posted on stats or abilities, have you been able to get a glimpse of it?

  3. Honestly feel like as strong Ella is. If you’re running a physical team. Caledonia really a must. Tank that can heal and also debuff. Honestly feel like in pvp akasha the play since she destroys back lines.

    1. Akasha is Best start Hero,because she is free and u don’t need celanya if u already have her….thn u can save a lot gem for upcoming new banner😊😊😊this is my strategy…i only draw 1000gem 2day slowyyy but half price😊😊😊😊

    1. Stuns stuns stuns. If u run ushpia, witch or any stun char. Just use stun when Ella changes and they waste all their chaos 🙂

  4. This guy can’t make up his mind if a team is slow or fast or if it’s a good team or not lol

    1. Lmao it’s honestly a joke. Like he probably just copy paste a team and don’t even know to use it. Giving advice when he’s not even sure himself smh

  5. Have Celanya and Tuonel, but don’t have Ella 🙁
    Is it possible to get ella on Banner Celanya?

  6. Pfff… I came here to see Calenya in a team without Ella.. And it’s just another standard I use Ella I win team.. Disappointed.. :/

  7. Yo peps, after the update , does Celedonia banner still going in rotation for awekening summom or is there gonna be a new hero for the rotation?.

    Kinda want to summon her but needed to pile out some stone and summoning gems.

    For those who use her, how is her stagger/stun effect ;does it work againts bosses?

  8. Tounel has been a game changer for me, but i’m missing a decent tank. Watching this P2W content doesn’t really help. Power over strategy.

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