Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

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A Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Team Building Guide! A Competitive guide on how to Team Build in Pokemon BDSP! One of many guides to come for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the channel! Check out Kevin:

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By Jasmin

29 thoughts on “Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl – Team Building Guide! How to Team Build in Pokemon BDSP”
  1. gen 4 was the perfect gen. love that i can now use chomp and mence in the tier (for now)

  2. It feels so wrong a post gen 5 metagame without Ferrothorn, Toxapex and Lando.
    However, we STILL have the OGs. Time to Forretress (Spikes/Stealth rock), Milotic (Bulky water with haze) and Gliscor (Ground/Flying type) to shine again!

    1. @CubeBizz I didnt remember and on mind he was poison ground with levitate but now i checked it Ok? Shut up now

  3. What I want is a quick guide to re-rolling your starter. It takes forever because you have to watch the stupid lake cutscene and fight a Starley each time and I don’t know if I should just accept my mediocre-IV, lonely chimchar or keep trying for a modest/timid one.

  4. Not that these aren’t great, but why come out with these so early? The meta hasn’t really been developed?

  5. Hype for Starmie, once HOME is compatible. Rapid Spin, Meteor Beam sets would be so fun to use. For now, I’ll stick to a bulky set.

  6. Honestly without Pokemon Home support, worried about some Pokemon like Venusaur and Zapdos since they lack the moves that make them offensive threats, making them have shallow coverage. Venusaur slightly edges over due to Sludge Bomb, but lacks a way to hit Poison and Steels with its higher Special Attack.

  7. So hyped for this game even though I’m gonna gonna play it lol
    Joey, will you make a video on the differences in mechanics and such between BDSP and gen 8? Or are the mechanics the exact same? Would love to see that

  8. Sad to see assault vest and rocky helmet go, but my god i cant wait for hidden power and a lack of ferro and lando-t

  9. Gonna wait for HOME to come, since many pokemon lost important moves in their pools. Also hoping Garchomp doesn’t get banned to ubers this time around

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