Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Working from home is becoming a norm, and working from home means that we need to hold meetings virtually. How do we host an online team building events that aren’t too boring? Stay tuned for today’s episode as I share with you my tips on how to make virtual team building sessions fun in a way that gets everyone engaged.

This kit includes everything you need to make your next in-person or virtual meeting, workshop, or conference a success! You’ll find printable card decks for icebreakers and conversation starters. Directions for team building activities nobody will groan at. Virtual meeting tips and group games to keep your team engaged. Trust and communication strategies from our #1 Amazon Bestselling book.

Key Moments in this Episode
00:48 Virtual team building
01:43 Let go of this
03:25 Create tools
04:46 Playmeo ()
06:32 The unofficial start
07:42 Connection before content
09:15 Being intentional on the closing
10:16 The 3 Phrases
11:33 A call I got
12:30 5 Stages

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14 thoughts on “How To Do Virtual Team Building”
  1. Thanks, Chad! Getting ready for our annual team retreat in a few weeks and these tips are super helpful!

  2. Nice work, Chad. Interesting to see the same concepts apply to team building as they do to shifting to online/remote instruction. Rather than trying to “translate” the experience into a different medium, focus on the strengths of the new medium as opportunities for creativity and improvement.

  3. I new most of the excercises since I am signed up with Playmeo and I did a number webinars, but this helped me a lot. I was wondering and not sure if you have done any excercises using MS Teams. I had one workshop of 30 min. with a group and this company only uses teams. Not only that but many are not with their camera ON.. I want to use your WE CONNECT Cards that I have.. and was thinking about putting up a picture and asking a question or putting up two or three. If you have any specific tool or youtube video explaining something you think may be useful.. I appreciate it.. Love the quality of your presentations.. Great job.

    1. I thought I would offer what I do with the object. It takes the activity a step further. My partner and I do this with companies where we ask everyone to bring to the meeting an “objeto sagrado” (we do them in Spanish) for latin america. Anways.. a treasured or meaningful object. (some object they treasure), From a religious object, to a trophy they won, a present received from an important person, a book, something passed from generation to generation.We send them into break outrooms of 4 to 6 people. Then we ask that each one explains the object and why it is important (this alone is powerful because they are sharing part of their personal story, who they are , their values, etc.. ). and then we give them 15 min. to create a story together where all 5 objects have to be present. There are other details, on how to present, etc.. it has become a very powerful tool and people not just share but create together.

    2. Hey Silvio, we’ll be having more videos coming out with info on how to make best use of the cards virtually for sure! As far as Microsoft Teams…that is a tough one. The best activity you can do there is have everybody on the call fill out a ticket to MS Teams requesting breakout rooms and more functionality 😛

  4. there’s no proof my team has legs! hahaha. This is great Chad, Thank you!

    Your content is gold. 🥇

    1. You’re so welcome! This is the #1 reason I create these videos, so I’m so glad to hear it!

  5. I’m getting ready to start a virtual semester of teaching, and you’re an inspiration. This was fantastic- thanks!

    1. You rock, Jennifer! Love supporting teachers! It is THE most intense time to be an educator right. Glad to have connected 😊

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