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In the end, ideas are worth very little without people to execute them. And we all know a company is only as good as its team, which is why the hiring process is so critical as you start up your venture. Furthermore, anyone who has made a bad hire along the way (as most of us have) knows that hiring the wrong person can cost you far more than time and money. It ultimately makes the difference between market leaders and market laggards – or worse still – failed ventures entirely. Yet, every startup struggles to find the so called “A+ players” to build their business. In this session we define what A+ really means and share some tools on how to go after that talent.

iRobot’s Senior Vice President of HR, Russ Campanello, and Acquia’s Global Manager of Talent Acquisition, Eric Gaffen, will talk about the importance of hiring and team building at their companies. In addition, watch as audience members participate in mock interviews and share the results of their experience.

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  1. 1:10:00 What was the open source code analyzer he mentions? Guild?? Can’t seem to find it.

  2. the part about EQ and the questions/answers is laughable. first of all EQ is not a scientific concept, if anything it correlates to agreeableness in the big5 model. second, startups that thrive need problem solvers able to challenge ideas and stand their ground, which correlates strongly with low to medium agreeableness. why do you think the paypal mafia even exists? or the fb mafia? literally pick whatever other example you want of a startup that exploded, you’ll find that type of people were at its core. by maximizing agreeableness in your hiring decisions in a startup, you’re going to end up with a team of very pleasant people who will fail. the only thing you have to do is trying not to pick psychopaths, hyper narcissists and similar basket cases, which should be easy enough. leave this nice guy nonsense to slow, bloated corporations with their “head of people” and “head of culture”, hundreds of employees who are just overhead, and multiple useless layers of management who love sheeps with “high EQ” (translation: people whom I can push around how I please so I can feel powerful).

    1. I agree but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he meant agreeable socially not professionally. I’m very disagreeable in terms of my beliefs, values,etc but socially I’m agreeable.

    2. I thought of how emotionally intelligent Jobs was not at all…seems like this advice is for hiring of manager position and team lead stuff, supervisor. Not a partner, co-founder, executive. But I suppose having a couple doesn’t hurt.

  3. I feel like I was born to be a founder. A boss. A ceo. That’s why I’m concerned with hiring fast and properly to get the job done extremely quickly.

    Because for a startup speed is everything.

  4. What Does Team Building Process Mean for A Startup Business?

    Team building can mean that you, as an entrepreneur, according to the ultimate vision of your business (the final plan you have for your idea, regardless of its startup phase), create a plan consisting the sections and specialties needed to achieve minimum success and invite the right people for each section to join your team. Some people liken the process of building a team for a startup to that of a sports team. In a sports team, members are selected based on their skills to be in a special role in the team, and their main priority is to perform their duties well.
    At the same time, they should have the ability to adapt to challenge they are faced with, in critical situations, having useful interaction with others, and do their best to achieve a common goal with other team members. They are also constantly practicing, training and learning to improve their performance. All of this also applies to team building in a business.

  5. Any company that wants “passionate” employees usually wants cult members.

    And if you want employees that are looking for “community”, try the runaway teens at the local bus station.

  6. Jackye Clayton, the Director of customer service at ‘HiringSolved,Inc’, talks about how technology can be adopted in human resources but be balanced with a human touch. Read on to know more

  7. Well Presented Sir
    I’m Saai Bharath, student from VIT University, Vellore. My sincere thanks to you sir that your lecture towards leadership and team building helped me a lot to gain knowledge. In every business organization team building and leadership plays an important role. The business organization development is made by a good team and a efficient leader. From this lecture I acquired a great knowledge of leadership and team building, this will help me to be a person with good leadership quality and a employee with good team management. Team building will increase the communication with members, increase productivity, fasters creativity, and the members can acquire skills.

  8. 4:15 You are what you hire.

    5:00 A’s Hire A’s and B’s hire C’s and C’s cost you your company.

    8:00 The 3 key things you should look for: (a)Can they be successful in that Job (b) will they love the job. (C) Will they fit and reinforce your culture.

    10:00 EKS ( Experience, Knowledge, Skills)
    You may have computing skills but may not have experience to apply them towards creating scalable website.
    Domain Knowledge example computing in health care IT ( Good computing guy has no domain knowledge of healthcare).

    16:10 IQ ( Hiring really smartest people may create teaming issues )

    17:12 Right kind of attributes to hire.
    Will they really love their job.
    Can you find out what people are passionate about.
    (Passion and persistence count)
    Find the fit that they really love to do.
    Never hire someone who says I just want to be rich.
    Rich culture companies enable them to be successful.

    25:40 If you can’t find what people are passionate about and connected to what you are trying to do as a business then you won’t make great hires.

    Question tip: What would you want to do if it was the last day at your job?

    30:11 Do you have people who understand how to be flexible. If you are just 3 in startup

    But if you are 300 in size then look for specialist of that role.

    32:00 EQ
    It’s hard to team with anybody if you can’t get along with them

    33:00 Speed teaming : The really great startups are constantly forming and reforming teams around specific issues that are constantly changing in the startup. EQ is hence important for teaming.

    Reward people for jumping in to join a team who is solving a fresh problem and don’t punish them if they fail at solving it.

    45:30 Example interview questions
    1. What is the most relevant eks you bring for this job.
    2. Favourite example of a problem they solved. ( What he considers a problem).
    3. What are you most proud of in your work interactions.

    52:00 A+ Players.
    First 3 A’s : Attitude, Aptitude and Ability.
    (Jumping and do it Attitude, problem solving, PERSISTENCE, fixing just not the bug but go deep to fix the cause of bug, participation)
    (Aptitude to learn new skills as per the changing situations.)

    3 A+s
    Self Aware : If you are not self aware you won’t know where to improve further plus you may not properly engage with others as well, Authentic.
    Athlete: Someone who have proven that they have been consistently successful at what they done earlier.

    1:8:53 Tools for Hiring
    EKS: Don’t let them recite your interview. Ask questions what enabled that experience.
    IQ : Look for proof (give them task. did they get right solution and understand fundamentally how they arrived at that solution)
    CQ: How many interviewee engage you in a way that you want to work with them.
    REAL REFERENCES : these are not the ones they gave me. Get different references and dig them properly to understand personality of the guy.

    Question tip: ask reference what 1 skills you think he don’t have. What he lacks ?

    1:15:00 Acquia Hiring.

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  10. Put the right man on the right job at the right time by the right price on the right position.Honesty first, competency can develop.Fair play, fair pay, or else completitor’ll buy him.Great famous world inventor Adison like work alholic and heavy cigar smoker as well.Form pro team first luanch business success quickly and develop to chase the copier.When the kite on the high sky it hard to fall down, so control the rope well.Too much planing, too late doing so start first why because you’ve nothing to lose.Business timing is important factor if you late you lose because it’s a game sometime you win sometime you loss,don’t think much do much.Start now, or else passion will be passed action.I impress this Professor so much in his charactor and good emotional smiling facial performance all the time.Thank you so much for value acknowledging sir. to I else him.

  11. Always about 4 kasplooshes from coke cans opening….love it….”Hiring a team….kasploosh…refreshing as a cold coke! Not”….

  12. People with a high IQ who think they are the smartest don’t have a high IQ. IQ is overrated anyway. it just measures what the test tries to measure. It tries to measure whatever those who constructed it believe makes IQ.

  13. Nice ideas but what to do for people incapable of communicating and connect due to low IQ? We never hire them? Because they exist and IQ is not something you can develop..

  14. Thank you for sharing the video. It’s really an insightful content how important hiring is for start up. Many blessings to all of you 🙏🙏👍👍💖💖

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