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52 thoughts on “BEST Competitive Singles Team Building Guide! Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl”
  1. In my opinion, you shouldn’t tell newer people to make dedicated leads when team preview is in the game. It made sense to have dedicated leads in gen 4 but now it is much less common outside of HO or stall. when it comes to telling the new players what to do at the start of a battle, it’s probably best giving newer players a team with good immunities/resists and telling them to choose the pokemon that looks like it has a good matchup against what they think their opponents best lead is.

    1. You are underestimating how now inexperienced 80%+ of my audience is. They need the bare bones “lead with this and click X tutorial”

    2. @THATSAplusONE you’re right. It makes me sad when inexperienced ppl go on and use other people’s top teams without any knowledge and still lose because they think they can press a to win when that’s not always the case.
      Everyone trying to go comp needs this sort of knowledge. Even though I’m a bit casual with competitive at times, I do do my research on top teams, the top most used mons, moveset, and so on so I’m familiar with what it can and can’t do.

  2. I’m getting so hype my guy I just remember the height of online competitive with toxic spike/stealth rock combos and rapid spinners/defoggers god the crazy combos how great sand teams were Im going crazy I need the game ASAP! thanks for the guide I’m a huge fan thatsa

  3. Do you think, if Rapid Spin keeps its Sw/Sh properties, that Starmie might become a stand-out Poke in the meta for Diamond and Pearl?

  4. I am sad Body Press is gone.
    Tailwind Body Press Gliscor might have been a fun thing to play, no?

  5. Hidden abilities are possible with the few platinum perks considering the rotom forms and gliscor didn’t get good till platinum with poison heal and second typings we will see in a week

  6. Donphan is a very slept on pick can’t wait to make it rise again same with sceptile swellow

  7. For all the team building videos that I watched in general this is by far the best one I’ve come crossed good job.

  8. Hi, I see a twitter post that you can find Pokémon with hidden abilities using the pokeradar, so the HA are in the game, just to take that in consideration building a team.

    1. But we might not get EVERY Pokemon with them. Stuff like Chlorophyll Venu might still not be available.

  9. I would love to see a vgc version on thing meta talk! I’m looking forword to playing singals, but I think I still love vgc more

    1. @THATSAplusONE I guess I should say more doubles or 4v4 doubles format, since where not sure if vgc will come to these games (which I think would be fun to play)

    1. i´m not sure if there is fairy typ because i didnt wanna get spoilered in that way but if there is it probably won´t be banned. and that would change up the meta anyways togekiss will be incredible and the dragons will take a hit

  10. I’m struggling to build a competitive team around empoleon and magmortar, any recommendations???

  11. D/P was what got me into competitive play back in the day. I’m super excited to hop back into it since IMO Sword/Shield was mediocre AF.

    1. @THATSAplusONE obviously, please correct me if I heard wrong. Not sure from which vgc content creator I heard it from, but they said that the competitive sponsored battles or tournaments with be staying on sword and shield through 2022.

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